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Abuse CAN be physical,
but more often it is some combination of the following:

  • Emotional Abuse
    • Name calling
    • Constant put-downs
    • Lack of support
    • Calling your partner fat, lazy, ugly, stupid (etc…)
    • Deflecting blame
  • Economic Abuse
    • Withholding finances as a punishment
    • Controlling finances
    • Using finances to manipulate
    • Threatening to withdraw financial support
  • Sexual Abuse
    • Forcing sex
    • Guilting someone into sex
    • Withholding sex in order to manipulate
    • Sex without consent
  • Using Children
    • Using children as a weapon
    • Threatening to take the children
    • Threatening to hurt the children
    • Threatening to have the children taken away
  • Threats
    • Physical threat, such as raising a hand
    • Verbal threats
    • Threatening with a weapon
    • Threatening bodily harm
  • Intimidation
    • Acting in a threatening way
    • Yelling
    • Threatening
    • Listing how they can hurt you
    • Reminding you of the control they have
  • Isolation
    • Limiting your time with family and friends
    • Jealousy over time spent with family or friends
    • Wanting you to leave your job
    • Putting limits on when you can leave
    • Putting limits on where you can go