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We are bound by the trust people place in us to keep their conversations confidential. This trust is extended to clients, staff, board members and fellow advocates.

Advocates, staff and board members will ensure confidentiality and privacy in regard to history, records and discussions about the clients we serve. The very fact that an individual is served by FOCUS must be kept private and confidential. Disclosure can only be made under specific conditions, described below. This means advocates, staff and board members shall not disclose any information about a person, including the fact that the person is or is not a client of FOCUS, to anyone outside the organization unless authorized by the Director or other authorized personnel as mandated by Wyoming State Statute 1-17-116 , and the exceptions listed below:

Exceptions to Confidentiality



  • The disclosure is required by State law in reporting suspected child or adult abuse or neglect as per W.S. 14-3-205;
  • Disclosure in juvenile court per W.S. 14-3-210 (iii);
  • Disclosure may occur in the context of the local Child Protection Team as per W.S. 14-3-212;
  • To the extent necessary to defend against a lawsuit initiated by or on behalf of a client;
  • When a client poses a threat of harm to self or others.
  • When a domestic violence client has been killed under circumstances suggesting homicide, the Director may choose to disclose that FOCUS served the deceased domestic violence client. The disclosure should be made with the written permission of an immediate family member. Disclosure may be made of pertinent information related to the domestic violence client, the abuser, and the history of violence.  
  • FOCUS staff may consult other FOCUS staff regarding your case. 
  • FOCUS will notify the County Attorney’s office of clients that we will be doing legal advocacy for.
  • FOCUS will disclose the client’s name to the clerk of court for the purpose of verifying the status of a Protection Order or court proceeding.
  • FOCUS will disclose the client’s name to law enforcement in order to verify that an Ex Parte Protection Order or Final Protection Order has been served.